Vertuo Window
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In 2023, Nespresso expanded their Vertuo line and launched Vertuo Lattissima, a new Vertuo system coffee machine specially made for those who love barista coffee experience and recipes. However, Nespresso had identified that the Vertuo system lacked awareness in Switzerland and needed to promote its new product by creating a unique coffee experience.


Swiss people love good coffee – and historically they love to get it from their trusted coffee window with a great barista expertise. Good thing that Nespresso launched the Vertuo Lattissima, a new coffee machine, specially made for those who enjoy great barista coffee recipes at home.


Say buongiorno to Nespresso Vertuo Window, the first coffee-window sampling, straight from a private living-room. To demonstrate the excellence of the Vertuo Lattissima machine, we turned a private living-room into a coffee window for everyone to enjoy. By doing so, not only did we launch a brand-new product, but we also proved our love and understanding for the Swiss coffee culture.

Ergebnis/Wirkung Effizienz

Nespresso Vertuo Window led to a true coffee experience loved by all. This new and unexpected sampling experience seduced coffee lovers, making Nespresso the one brand to openly celebrate a coffee trend. Nespresso Vertuo Window unleashed a bigger bond between people and the brand itself, inspiring thousands to dive deeper into their love for high-quality coffee with one straightforward message: Be your own barista, at home.